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Product description

Not every design has to adhere to the modernist formula of perfect symmetry and scratchless surfaces. The Lava candleholder by Louise Hederström will change appearance during use. A slight draught from an open window, and candle wax will drip and run, gen

erating soft, natural lava-like shapes. Louise has turned a modernist predicament into a virtue with a design that recreates the candleholder during each use.

"You can't control everything; the dripping wax is part of the design! This new bone chi

na candle holder is also stackable to make a larger decorative feature, and can be easily stowed away in a cupboard when not in use." Louise has had a thing for Elvis, and there is no doubt that the King is present in all her designs.
"When I was a ch

ild I used to sit entranced by Elvis Presley's Burning Love playing in my headphones, ‘Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising, higher, higher, it's burning through to my soul'. That tune has been an inspiration ever since." Lava is available in three

sizes and variations, in white and in different shades of grey and pale green.

Height100 mm
Diameter180 mm

Design House Stockholm, Sweden

Louise Hederström