Quake mug

Product description

“Quake is based on a mug of thin clay, shaken to randomly form its own unique shape. A combination of craft and random impact, creating a natural shape that cannot be made in any other way. The shape makes the user aware of his or her actions; how to hold

the mug, how to drink? These are central themes in my work; the forces of nature and chance, and the interface between man and object. Quake also clarifies the clay as a material, by showing its formability in its non-burnt state. It is like a small, use

ful sculpture, with a variation in its form that doesn’t tire the hand or the eye.” We were thrilled when Gustaf showed us his Quake project. A successful combination of art and craft, but also quite a challange to put into massproduction. We are proud to

say we succeeded, and that the final products are almost identical to the originals Gustaf made by hand in his studio. The Quake mugs are made of real bone china, with its charachteristic whiteness and transparency that becomes clear when held against th

e light. The inside of the mugs are covered with thin transparent glaces by hand, a technique that creates sheer shades in the surface. Artistic craftmanship combined with the finest materials, together forming a high quality utility. This is the formula

of how we believe tomorrow’s classics are made. Quake is available in three different combined pairs; light blue/light aqua, sand/dark aqua, and white/white. Available spring/summer 2011.


Design House Stockholm, Sweden

Gustaf Nordenskiöld