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Products by 3Deluxe

The interdisciplinary design collective 3deluxe, consisting of about 30 individuals centred around Dieter Brell, Peter Seipp and Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff, has been creating groundbreaking impulses in the fields of architecture and interior design, graphic and media design.

In creative synergy, hybrid forms of two and three dimensional design are created: 3deluxe's graphic works develop a spatial impact, while their architectural drafts are based on communication principles. In this way, complex collages are contrived, so called ‚multilayered atmospheres', which foster multiple sensory experiences and allow for a multitude of potential interpretations. Paramount is the broadening of an absolute understanding of space and image towards a dynamic, processual approach. In addition to this progressive conceptual method, 3deluxe's characteristic, organically inspired visual idiom has proven as much of a style icon in international context

Since the foundation of the practice in 1992 in Wiesbaden projects have been realised in various disciplines, which accounts for the broad spectrum of specialist knowledge of the highly qualified team. Meanwhile, 3deluxe maintains offices in Hamburg and Shanghai.

Alongside joint interdisciplinary projects the following units work separately in specific fields of functions:

3deluxe graphics – Realisation of graphic and multimedia designs under the direction of Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff.

3deluxe in/exterior – Specialised on interior design and architecture, run by Dieter Brell and Peter Seipp (commercial management).

3deluxe motion – Conception of filmic and interactive brand and product presentations. Established in 2005 as collaboration between Andreas and Stephan Lauhoff and communications designer Sascha Koeth, since 2008 located in Germany's media city Hamburg.