A C E Design Team

Rue de la Borde 14
1018 Lausanne

T: +41 (0)21 646 78 94


A C E is a furniture company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our goal is to develop and to sell quality furniture made out of wood.

For the realisation of these objects we work with a cabinet maker from the Lausanne region. To know personnally the craftman and to be able to meet him easily is an essential point for us. Thank to his technical expertise and to his working skills we can sell objects that we are really proud of.

The choosen wood is a FSC certified local ash either solid or in glulam pannels.This choice, primarily aesthetic also permits to bring out a wood normally rarely used, unlike most resinous woods.

We streamline the production as much as possible by only using the production tools available in an average woodworking shop.

These tools are: a circular saw, a band-saw, a vertical shaper, a drill and a planing machine.

This is where our aesthetics is born: the lines will be geometrical, stretched and our objects highly influenced by these tools.

We are now closely colaborating with several talented designers. We are developping objects that are going to be added gradually to our first manifesto collection.