A. G. Fronzoni

Products by A. G. Fronzoni

“We need to aim at essential things,
to remove every redundant effects,
every useless flowering, to elaborate
a concept on mathematical bases, on
fundamental ideas, on elementary
structures; we strongly need to avoid

>waste and excess”. Starting from
these main points, the graphic
designer born in Pistoia devoted
himself to communicate through the
He has been strongly active in the
redaction of magazines such as

and Casabella, in the interior
design, in graphics, exhibitions and
He worked as a teacher first at the
Società Umanitaria, then in the
Istituto d' Arte of Monza and the
Istituto delle Industrie Artisti

che in
Urbino, finally in his own school in
Milan. Brno, Buenos Aires, Lion,
Milan and New York were the sets of
his several personal exhibitions; many
of his graphics works are part of the
most important museum worldwide.