Alessio De Francesco

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Having graduated with a specialisation in restoration, he immediately began his career as a university lecturer in art history, design and interior design. At the same time, he opened his own design studio, adf architects&designers, based in Chieti, dedicating his attention to creating artisanal, bespoke furnishings to meet his clients’ requirements. These synergies originate from the meeting between technology and craftsmanship, and tradition and innovation, always searching for the combination best suited to making each piece into a unique example of aesthetic-functional equilibrium. The firm is also involved in restoration, combining the search for a contemporary style with an appreciation for history, a method that excels in creating pieces that complement display areas. The team is enhanced by the work of designers from a wide variety of backgrounds, from contemporary jewellery design and participation in international design competitions, to designing innovative items of furnishing. The aim is always to look towards the future, making spaces comfortable and at the same time extremely simple and basic, but never forgetting, where appropriate, to add a touch of unexpected delight through the choice of shapes and colours.