Andreas Kowalewski

1019 Amsterdam

Products by Andreas Kowalewski

Andreas Kowalewski was born in Berlin, Germany. Ever since he was a child he has been interested in making things and observing them. He started drawing at a early age and moved on to sculpture eventually. After finishing his cabinetmaker apprenticeship and an education in product design at the Carl Severing Academy, he studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and graduated with a master’s degree in industrial design. He has worked for several design studios in Essen, Berlin and Munich. Further more he gained experiences at the Whirlpool Design Center in Varese, at Audi Design in Ingolstadt and at Philips Design in Eindhoven, Singapore and lastly in Amsterdam where he currently holds the position of a creative design lead.

His work is mainly a result of experimenting with material properties and the latest manufacturing technologies within a process that involves the expertise of various people operating in different industry fields. It is his ambition to create new alternatives through critical design, to reinterpret, improve and never repeat. The Amsterdam based studio was founded in 2011 and is specialized in industrial and furniture design.