Andreas Lund


Products by Andreas Lund

Andreas Lund Design is located in the heart of Copenhagen, which allows me to be in touch with producers and tendencies in today’s Danish design. I have worked in design since year 2000 and made commercial successes as well as experimental developments, a

s presented in my portfolio.

The mission of my studio is
- to create confidence for the producer and the consumer through aesthetic functional designs.
- to make profit both for the manufacturer and the designer.

The vision is
- to spre

ad out my design solutions as wide as possible.
- to make my creativity dynamic by boosting its economical potentials.
- to increase continuous relations by a high level of dialog.
- to prioritize production, distribution, users, price level, fun

ctionality and aesthetics in all projects.

The values are
- to create timeless constant design in a modern and innovative Scandinavian spirit.
- to consider environmental design both present and future.