Antonio Facco

9° Strada 7
20090 San Felice

Products by Antonio Facco

Antonio Facco was born in 1991. Various collaborations with architects and designers throughout his academic studies at the European Institute of Design led him to found Dedra, a multidiscipinary channel of design and visual arts which hosts creative young people with different skills and living in various parts of the world (Milan, Italy - Urbino, Italy - Brighton, UK). Following up several exhibitions and after graduating as Interior Designer, at 22 years old, he starts to cooperate with Cappellini for outfittings and communication. The most intimate root of his work can be found in his curiosity and transversal interests. He feels the impelling urge to tell stories always leading the human being to identify with the proposed creative image. His aesthetics can be summarized as an attentive debate between a formal impulsiveness and a thoughtful research on the limits of materials and application of new technologies. The Study offers a crosswise design based on an effective research which combines anthropological, aesthetic and innovative aspects.