Architettura Laboratorio

Via Jacopo dal Verme 15
20159 Milano

T: +390269005672
F: +390269711958


Architettura Laboratorio, a design studio formed by the architects Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, is a team of people who have a passion for working creatively. Their common goal is to express the “future contemporary” in every project.
Pure intelectual speculation is not what’s on offer here, but instead the results of what an intelligent creative process can produce in reality.
Every original idea is thought to have absolutely no value while it demonstrates a void of utility.
For twenty years Architettura Laboratorio has given form to new ideas. Ideas that have underlined an articulated aesthetic, complex and unlikely. The team and their team-leaders do not offer specialist fields of expertise, they follow natural inclinations, cultivated daily by intelectual humbleness.
The architecture for production, for living… The design of furniture, of light, of the industrial product… Through to artistic direction and corporate identity. Lingual elements that tend to form an “aesthetic idiom” rather than just a building, a product or an image for clients such as Brasilia, Berkel, Tacchini, Iren, Philips, Continental, Artemide, and Colombo Design, to name a few.