Bilge Nur Saltik

Studio Bilge Nur Saltik


Studio Bilge Nur Saltik established on 2013 after Nur completed her master degree in Royal College of Art in Product Design under Tord Boontje. Her approach to design merges culture in a contemporary way. She focuses on stories behind the objects and human behavior as a result of it. Working with traditional craftsmen, she introduces them to new materials, thus utilizing their knowledge and techniques while originating a fabrication of products combining the old with the new. Nur is particularly interested in the human behavior and narratives, which result from the objects she designs.

Nur won ‘New Design Britain Accessories Award’ and ‘New Design Britain Online Choice Award’ in 2014 with her Share.Food collection.

She is one of the co-founders of the Form & Seek collective and exhibited through out the world as solo and with her collective. Currently she traveling between London and Istanbul and getting inspired form both amazing cities.