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1150 Wien

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Products by bkm

Design for bkm means working on the emergence of awareness. They direct their attention to inner processes, archetypes, and apparent trivialities.
What bkm does is observe objects, their essence.

bkm develops its products through research, analytically, with a view to the concrete deficit of existing solutions. Exploration incorporates archetypes, roots from cultural history, and social developments. Also purposefully integrated is the heritage of design history. Often, the initial impetus comes from no more than a hint of a specific atmosphere. The final product is an amalgamation of hitherto hidden elements of the intangible.

bkm beholds the user in the respective microcosm of objects surrounding him or her. Many of these are tools, while others fulfil representational tasks and still others are wholly personal objects. A hierarchy of things emerges dependent of their relationship to the person. In many cases the crucial requirements for the design are formulated only by observing this complex interplay.