Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

Ninaber Studio

Koornmarkt 62
2611 EJ Delft

T: +31 (0)15 212 67 90
F: +31 (0)15 215 81 77


In 1971 Bruno Ninaber van Eyben graduated cum laude at the College of Art in Maastricht.
Trained as a jewellery designer he developed
himself as self-producing industrial designer.

Already in the 1970's he produced his bracelet watch
(1973), pendant watch (1976) and fluorescent lighting system (1977). These products are still in production today, have become Dutch design classics and are incorporated in the collections of well known museums.

In 1979 he was the first to receive the Kho Liang Ie Award, the Dutch award for industrial design.
"A designer with great insight in the technical & productive aspects. His technically diverse designs bear witness of his quality,
inventiveness and interest for detail."
In 1980 Ninaber designed the new set of Dutch coins with the image of queen Beatrix; the coins were taken into production in 1982.

He was co-founder of n|p|k, an international design consultancy. nIpIk develops in close co-operation
with their clients a wide range of products,
which are commercially successful as well as internationally appreciated and receive many important design awards.
Under Ninabers direction a line of desk accessories was developed as business gift, commissioned by Randstad Uitzendbureau, as well as the new
hammer for the Chairman of the Dutch Lower House.

In 1997 Ninaber started his own business:
Bruno Ninaber van Eyben design & production.
With a relatively small team he again fully concentrates on designing and producing independently and on a smaller scale,
on commission as well as on his own, autonomous and more personal products.

May 1998 his entry won the design contest for the Dutch side of the Euro and in 2000 he won a private contest organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with his design for the national present
of the Prime Minister.