Burkhard Vogtherr

Burkhard Vogtherr Design

Rue du Molkenrain 4
68100 Mulhouse

T: +33 3 89 65 31 55
F: +33 3 89 54 21 36

Products by Burkhard Vogtherr

Born on 18 05 1942 he attended the gymnasium and he began to work as joiner. He studied industrial design in Kassel and Wuppertal and he graduated in 1967.

Since 1972 he has been free designer he worked with various companies such as : Arflex Italy, Bushi-Urushi Japan, Cappellini Italy, Davis Furniture INC USA, Dietiker Switzerland, Fritz Hansen Denmark, Rosenthal Germany, Wittmann Austria. He received the following awards: "Gute Form" (1969), product of the year "Schöner Wohnen" (1986), "Deutsche Auswahl LGA Stuttgart", Die Gute Industrieform", "Industrieform Essen", "Ibd" (USA), "Roscoe" (USA), "Danske Designpris" (Denmark 1997) and "International G-Mark Prize" (Japan 1997).