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Carl Witzmann was born the 26. 9. 1883 in Vienna. After his apprenticeship as joiner he attended the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule. Carl Witzmann, as pupil of Josef Hoffmann, he worked for his teacher also within the Wiener Werkstätte. Since 1908 Witzmann taught at the Kunstgewerbeschule, since 1910 he was attended professor for furnituredesign. He worked as architect as well as furnishcer and exhibition design. Carl Witzmann died the 30.8.1952 in Vienna. Works: Wohnung Igler, 1907; Wohnhäuser in Wien; Umbau des Theaters in der Josefstadt, 1923-24; Apollo-Kino, 1929; Präsentationsräume des Wr. Rathauses, 1930; Scala Wien, 1931; Moulin Rouge, Wien, 1931; Café Fenstergucker, 1932.