Catharina Lorenz

Lorenz + Kaz

P.le Piola Gabrio, 6
20131 Milano

T: +39.0226683172
F: +39.0226683172

Products by Catharina Lorenz

From 1986-91 she studied industrial design at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences,where she graduated in January 1991 with a diploma in industrial design. In the same year she starts to work for Hollington Associates in London. In 1993, back again in Germany she works for Tinz.DCC and Via 4 Design.

In 1995 she starts working with Sottsass Associati in Milan, where she stays until autum 1999. Begining of the year 2000 she opens her own studio in Milan. 2001 she founds the design studio Lorenz * Kaz together with Steffen Kaz in Milan. They work for clients like Antonio Lupi, Bedont, DePadova, DuPont, Omnidecor, Rossin, Zeitraum, Zoltan. Apart from working for other clients, they launched their own furniture line, which they produce and sell under the label Lorenz * Kaz.