Chen Min


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Chen Min Design Office is a multi-faceted design practice established by designer Min Chen whose production ranges from the design of objects to technological products and interior architecture.

Admittedly there are lots of essences from traditional culture that need tobe inherited. But that never changes design being modernized andinternationalized. Finding the best bonding point of tradition andmodernization, east and west has always been what  Chen Min Office isgood at. Chinese design must become a language that used by the worldinstead of staying superficially as some style. Min Chen considers designas a language, which has its origins, depth, and history. It stays open andevolves over the time. It expresses life in all aspects, and becomes theessence of it. On the other hand, language has a great variety in all kinds oflogic, convention, tradition, culture, and philosophy, and so does design.Min Chen’s goal is to find the Chinese language in the world of design.