Chris Adamick

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While studying fine art at UCLA, Chris Adamick's creative interests broadened to include architecture and design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Adamick was accepted into Art Center College of Design's Environmental Design program to refine his creative practice. His focus is on architectural environments where space and furniture design come together to create a complete experience.

Adamick received the A.I.A. 2 x 8 Scholarship for his Taschen Books retail space design. The project was later exhibited at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles and at Neocon West, and helped earn Adamick the Angelo Donghia Foundation award. Other projects included an exhibition design for a retrospective of the Situationist International, a hotel suite concept for the year 2050, and a series of mass-customizable products for Avery Denison. In 2005, Adamick worked as a designer with Studio Gaia in New York City for various hospitality and retail spaces, and in 2006, lived In Tokyo while working on the Pacific Rim project, a collaboration between Art Center College of Design, Tama University and sponsors such as Panasonic, Hitachi, Victor, and Axis Design Magazine.

A native of Los Angeles, Adamick is a dedicated musician and surfer. In 2007, Adamick founded his studio, chris adamick design, as a multi-disciplinary design studio focusing on creative concept development for product and environmental design. Additionally, Adamick is a designer with Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles.