Christoph Seyferth


Partijer Weg 22 a
6286 Partij-Wittem

T: +39 043 450 11 93
F: +39 043 450 11 93

Products by Christoph Seyferth

Christoph Seyferth, the visionary behind the Serener design collection, eschews the belief that good design must come from big egos. He is not out to tell a convoluted story or dazzle with superfluous detail. His pieces, mostly furnishings f

or the home and office, are humane, intuitive, and functional. He sees them as tools, designed for everyday use. Seyferth has a diverse background, spanning fine arts, carpentry, architecture, and interior design, as well as furniture design. The muse

that has guided him throughout his career is a simple wooden stool that he picked up in the Dolomites as a teen. Like the stool, Seyferth's work has a certain timeless quality, referencing the integrity of thoughtful craftsmanship and celebrating the

essence of pure materials like stone, leather, and steel.