Daniel Franzén

Bunker Hill

Lövasvägen 48
19145 Sollentuna

T: +46 708 295427


Daniel Franzén (1971) is a graduate of Stockholm's University College of Arts, Crafts and Design with complementary studies in Japan. He was one of the co-founders of the architectural consultancy TAF Arkitektkontor, but left his colleagues there in 2005

to start his own company, Bunker Hill Production AB, where he now works as an architect and designer. One of Daniel´s projects that has attracted most attention is a compact-living concept that he designed and implemented in 2002 for an apartment in Stoc

kholm measuring just 11 square metres. For a Swedish company he has also designed a controversial mobile phone charm that the pop star Madonna has been spotted using. Chamfer is the name of a series of tables developed together with his colleague Mattias

Ståhlbom. The name was inspired by a CAD command which means "to cut off the corners". The actual design of the table is the result of experiments with perspectives and proportions. Chamfer was first introduced in 2006.