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United States

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At David Oakey Designs, we live the principles of sustainability because we know this is the only way to make a real impact in the world. By embedding sustainability in our design process, it becomes a given in everything we create – and we become a showcase for what sustainable design can be. As leaders in sustainable design, it’s up to us to set the standards. The sustainable solution is not necessarily the easiest, yet it’s clear that we as a society can no longer take, make, and waste. Future generations will have no choice but to live with this in mind – and it’s our responsibility, here and now, to begin laying the groundwork. Sustainable design means using nature as a resource to inspire design. It means respecting the earth’s limited resources as well as being inspired by the beauty and practicality of the natural world. We push designers, clients, and manufacturers to think about solutions in new and different ways. We take design teams outside to help them experience first-hand what natural, organic design actually means. Before they set out, they think they’ll come back with designs of flowers and leaves. Instead, they return with a new respect for the ways in which nature’s diversity and apparent imperfections create tremendous design potential – potential for beautiful things and for practical, functional applications.