Dechem Studio


V háji 35
170 00 Prague
Czech Republic

T: 00420 776 222 789


Dechem Studio was founded in Prague in 2012. Michaela Tomišková & Jakub Janďourek met at the famous Novy Bor School, the ‘School of Glass’, in the Czech Republic. Whilst M. Tomiskova went on to study product design at the Prague Academy of Arts, J. Jandourek accumulated skills and experience in the fields of lighting and glass- making.

Since that time, they have concentrated on product design, always paying particular attention to glass, especially Bohemia glass and the highly-skilled manufacturing process which enables one to explore different forms. A note on Bohemia glass and crystal: Bohemia crystal is a variety of glass made from lead oxide, as transparent as rock crystal (a synonym of colourless transparent quartz). It was in the 18th Century that Bohemia earned its place in the history of glassmaking by virtue of the quality of its glassmaking craftsmen.

The description ‘ Bohemia crystal ’ most particularly refers to the excellent-quality crystal made in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. It is famed the world over for its clarity and magnificently complex etching.