Domenico De Palo

Via dei ranuncoli, 5
70033 Corato

T: +39 080 89 84 768

Products by Domenico De Palo

Domenico De Palo was born in 1976 in Italy. At the age of 19 years old he started drawing interiors getting a lot of consents .He was busy also in the recovery of historical and artistic buildings. After years being at the stage-managing of several public and private installations, he started a research-path about the industrial design, creating plans and prototypes in collaboration with national and international designers and companies, among which Antidiva, Viabizzuno,Antoniolupi,Move,Incontroardito,Officine delle idée marchio Irsap,Dimensione disegno .
Often host in artistic and design events and exhibitions; besides he functioned as an exceptional teacher in different colleges where he taught art, communication and design. Some of his works got awarded as “Dodo'” for Viabizzuno won the 2nd price at the "Light+Building".
Currently placed at "The New Italian Design" triennial in Milan and in Madrid in May 2007. “The understanding of the design is not aim to itself. The line is placed side by side with the form ,the soul and the spirit which blend in only one emotion.” Domenico De Palo