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Stefano Rosini was born in 1967 in Rome, where he still lives. IN the same town he sudied, getting degree in architurcture at the La Sapienza University. He had a lot of experiences working in some important architectural offices in Rome. But in 1997 he decided to open his own professional office working in restructuring or in private building. He realized a lot of shops in Rome, always paying attention to the design. Since 1969 Alexander Duringer lived in Cologne, in Germany, where his family had moved after having left Uruguay, the country where he was born in 1964, for sentimental reaswons, he moved to Italy and now he lives with his family in Rome. Alexander Duringer and Stefano Rosini met during a sailing course they attended. From the fusion of their different but complementary experiences, made between Italy and Germany, these two designers created Triplan.