estudi {H} ac

Turia, 7 bajo
46008 Valencia

T: +34 963 219 622

Products by estudi {H} ac

estudi{H}ac is a creative company founded in 2003 by Jose Manuel Ferrero, where made-to-measure works are realized for visionary clients who bet for new creative solutions with value of brand, without closing the channel of communication between the equipment of design and the company. In her specialized equipments of work believe themselves where they all contribute creative, innovative and different solutions to obtain a project that exceeds the expectations and initial results of success for that the client waits. Our projects answer to an elegance Bespoke, are retailers and expressive, combine textures and made-to-measure materials to wake unexpected emotions up. estudi{H}ac as an Atelier of design. This experience and professionalism has led them to working with companies like Toyota Japan, Vondom, Porcelanosa, Puntmobles, Sancal, Samoa, Cell lighting, Trades Valencia, Hayashi Telempu Japan, Do+ce, Manterol, Gandia Blasco ? Prestige awards, special mentions, The more recent is the Best of Year awards that grants the American Interior magazine Design and the award the best designer Industrial who grants the Valencia magazine Trends.