Fabio Bortolani

Products by Fabio Bortolani

Fabio Bortolani been born to Modena 08.11.57 Bachelor in Architecture.
1987 Selection V.I.A. Paris
1987/88 job in the study dellarch. Cesar Leopardi and Franca Stagi
1991 beginning dellattività of designer
1996 Preparation La kitchen Ecologica Driade
1997 Acquisition to the Victoria and Albert Museum of London of the product Segreta, stool Driade ladder 1998 Participation to the extension Intorno to fotografia the Ass.J.Vodoz B.Danese Milan
1999 Participation to extension The face2 N.Y. USA I.C.F.F.F
2000 Participation to the extension Aperto Vetro Museum To run and extension Usa and Getta Internos 12,04,2000 Milan .
Extension Daytools Spazio Opos Milan
2001 Participation to the extension Clandestino Spazio Opos Milan
September 2002 Publication all interno of the book Spoon Phaidon
March 2003 Participation to the extension Objectar Barcelona (Spain) (Any of Disseny 2003) PRODUCTION Plans realize to you with Italian and foreign companies: Academy, Agape, Alessi, Authentics, Cappellini Plan Object, Driade, the Palm, Montina, Wireworks, Teracrea and others. Prize Top Ten Promosedia Udine 1990 Selection Opos 1991/96 Prize Design Plus Frankfurt 19977 Selection ADI Index 11 00 Milan Selection Prize Calipers d Oro 2001 with the product Gerba of Agape.