Georg Appeltshauser

Römerstr. 131
70180 Stuttgart

Products by Georg Appeltshauser

Born in Coburg in 1949.
1955-1968 primary school, secondary school, high school, apprenticeship as craftsman.
1968-1970 military service 1970-1973 attendance of the FH in Ulm (Germany). 1973 graduation as engineer at the FH in Ulm (Germany)
1973-1978 internee at the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart (Germany), lead by Prof. Lehmann. 1978-1979 freelance activity and technical consultancy for several firms of interior design.Since 1979 he is active in his own firm of interior design which is specifically dedicated to the design of furniture. He has been also active in the design of toys, bathroom products, ironware products and of technical articles in plastics. He is also active in the setting up of exhibition presentations.