Giacomo Moor

Via Clitumno 14

T: +393282719960

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Giacomo Moor was born in Milan in 1981. He attended the Polytechnic University of Milan, his dissertation on wood, titled “Valuable Imperfections. Cabinet-making between sculpture and design”, was published by Abitare. Meanwhile he starts to work in a craftman’s workshop where, studying passionately the wood and its making, he learns the carpenter's trade. Therefore Giacomo begins to develop a very personal method, combining the artisan’s manual ability with a rigorous design. In 2011 he sets up GM Studio, with the aim to develop his work within a well structured environment. He created a studio-workshop where designers, architects and artisans can not only share space but where they can merge together their experience and specialist knowledge. Such setting allows Giacomo to work in an innovative way and to follow projects on different scales, from limited series of furniture and furnishing accessories to integrated systems of furniture for private flats and offices. The collaboration between designer and artisans within the same structure enhances also the relationship with the client who can now follow every stage of the project development process, from designing, to making and finishing. This choice reflects the underlying philosophy that inspires Giacomo's approach to designing, a practice where the key elements are research, craftmanship and the relationship with the clients. GM studio works both in Italy and internationally; designing and producing custom made furniture systems such as kitchens, flats, offices and also limited editions and bespoke furniture such as tables, desks, seats, lamps, furnishing accessories. GM studio collaborate also with design companies, among them IIide, Memphis and Environment Furniture. Giacomo Moor lives with his partner and his three children, Viola, Costanza and Tommaso.