Gian Franco Legler

Legler Design-Innen-Architektur-Büro


Born 1922 in Locate, Italy, Swiss nationality.
There was no appropriate training in Switzerland at the time to allow Gian Franco Legler to fulfill his ambition to be an Industrial designer and produce his own creations. As a basis he studied arch

itecture at the ETH Zurich and further three terms studying machine design and tool production, followed by one year of plastic and fiber technology at MIT and went to SOM Architects for practical training. In Chicago that was the stronghold of industrial

design, he worked for Reinecke Design Associates. In 1957 he founded Design and Development Associates with J. Hunt. Back in Zurich in 1961, he opened the Legler «Design, Architecture and Interior-design» office. His designs met basic require

ments, solved problems within the contexts of commissioned projects, and in addition, met with great approval on the open market.