Graziella & Renzo Fauciglietti


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22063 Cantù

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Products by Graziella & Renzo Fauciglietti

Graziella Bianchi, after obtaining her high-school diploma in Design Art, taught technical and artistic subjects for several years. She has been co-owner and deputy president of Fauciglietti since its foundation. Renzo Fauciglietti born at Biella in 1941, after obtaining his high-school diploma Design Art he attended the Higher Institute of Engineering in Switzerland, and then obtained a master's degree in industrial design. He has been working in applied research, design and engineering since 1976, handling projects in many industrial design sectors. He works for specialist magazines as a member of their scientific committees, and has written articles on research and development and on applicational methodologies in product-process development. In 1986 they founded Studio Ok, followed in 1989 by its offshoot Fauciglietti, with the precise intention of contributing to renewal in research and development, design and the creation of new design products. They have received many Italian and international awards, including: nomination for the Compasso d'Oro and the Neste Forma Finland 3, 1st and 2nd prizes at Tecnhotel in Genoa, silver medal at Batimat in Paris. For Fornasarig they have designed Amati, Grace and Data chair .