Heinz Röntgen



In 1925, Heinz Röntgen was born in the Rhineland. A scholarship allowed him to attend the famous residential school Salem. After school, he began to study history of art in 1942, but only one year later, he was recruited for the army and sent to the


After the end of war, Heinz Röntgen worked as a commercial and artistic consultant for major European textile printing presses. For 10 years, he was busy as an art director in an international Swedish textile company.


ight there he developed his very own way of design by reducing well-known patterns and structures to the essential – purity through reduction.

In 1964, Heinz Röntgen founded his own textile company Nya Nordiska in Duesseldorf. In 19

76, the company was relocated in Dannenberg, Lower Saxony. Heinz Roentgen always has been an open-minded designer; his technical mastership and commercial prudence enabled Nya Nordiska to become an internationally-active textile editeur with subsidiaries

in Paris, Como, London and Tokyo. Since the 90´s, his innovative designs are regularly awarded with important international design awards and they still rank among the textile avant-garde.

In 2003, Heinz Röntgen died after having s

uffered from a serious disease. His visionary design philosophy is still apparent and alive in the Nya Nordiska collection.