Hugo Zumbühl

Teppich Art Team

Untere Gasse 1
7012 Felsberg

T: 0041 81 252 86 89,
F: 0041 81 252 88 13

Products by Hugo Zumbühl

Hugo Zumbühl und Peter Birsfelder

Zumbühl and Birsfelder's TEPPICH-art-TEAM aims to express contemporary
attitudes in its products, based on convincing and consistent quality
standards and material aesthetics. The company places a major emphasis
on transparency of production, as well as on its social and cultural
commitment. Its materials are specially produced by small handcraft firms at
fair prices. The carpets are manufactured at workshops belonging to Swiss
social institutions.

Hugo Zumbühl and Peter Birsfelder got to know one another on a weaving
course in Ballenberg 1999. As a result they launched their first joint project
and founded the TEPPICH-art-TEAM company. Their very first creation,
Oscuro, won the Swiss Design Prize.