Inci Mutlu


La Maison Strada Statale
181-12030 Manta

T: +39 0175 86 027
F: +39 0175 88 437

Products by Inci Mutlu

Born in 1972, graduated from Middle East Technical University Industrial Design Department, received her MA degree from Interior Design Department of Hacettepe University. She attended workshops in Domus Academy, Milan.

Since 1996, she start

ed to work as a freelance designer in Istanbul. After an experience in Isao Hosoe Design Studio in Milan, she continued to work at a freelance designer in Milan. She established Mutlu+Milano Design Studio and worked with Luca Milano.

Her awards

are First Prize in Viridian Design Competition 2000 - USA, Golden Packaging Award of TSE 1997, First Prize in National Furniture Competition 1996 - Turkey.