Javier Mariscal

Pellaires 30-38
08019 Barcelona

T: 0034 933 036 940
F: 0034 932 662 244

Products by Javier Mariscal

Since he took up a pencil in the 1970s to earn his living, the life and the career of Javier Mariscal have been characterised by his creative incontinence, by his need to express himself through multiple disciplines, whether artistic ones or not. Furnitur

e design, painting, sculpture, illustration, interior design, graphic design, landscape painting, gardening, horticulture and so on have been the object of his professional, vital activity. Mariscal expresses himself by means of a personal language that i

s complex in its intention and simple in its declaration, innocent and provocative at the same time, that serves him to innovate, to risk himself and communicate, to carry on tickling the eyes of those who gaze upon his work and to create complicity with

the other person.