Karina Nielsen Rios

-Prs. Charlottes Gade 24c, 1. tv.
DK-2200 Copenhagen N.

T: +45 28 28 09 74

Products by Karina Nielsen Rios

Karina Nielsen Rios is educated in fine weaving and textile design at The Danish Design School, the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Jette Nevers' textile studio and at the Skals Håndarbejdsseminarium.
In her work, she combines great aesthetic knowledge and craftsmanship with an innovative curiosity about high tech materials and the cutting edge of textile product development. Among other things, she has incorporated materials such as stainless steel, recycled plastic and paper into her weavings.
Karina Nielsen Rios' style is sleek and cooly scandinavian, with great attention to detail and the technical aspects of weaving - both by hand and as an industrial process.
She has studied classical weaving techniques in many different places in the world - from studies of jacquard looms in the States and England to the study of gauze / leno weaving in Peru. The latter has led her to initiate an international on line study group: ‘The Gauze & Leno Study Group'.
Karina Nielsen Rios' work has been represented in several exhibitions and galleries.
She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.