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The idea for lagranja was born on a Pacific island in the summer of 2001. A year later, in Barcelona, Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon started to develop ideas and offer visions and solutions, based on a creative talent that jumps effortlessly betwee

n design, architecture and temporary installations.
At Lagranja theory goes hand in hand with practice. We learn by doing, listening to both instinct and reason. The only style is the attitude and energy that emanates from a project: optimistic, full

of vitality and concern for people. Design that is never self-referential or self-satisfied, whose objective is an idea of a project free from conceptual obstacles: eclectic and versatile, capable of moving between different disciplines and typologies. <

br>"Logical fantasy"" you could call it. The project as balance between risk/invention and craft/professionalism. Imagining a goal and finding a path to achieving it. This character has lead Lagranja to take on and work with some of the most prestigious n

ames in the world of design, creating international projects both for corporate spaces (retail) or for exhibitions and museums."An operational philosophy that employs interdisciplinary work groups, selected each time by coordinating the contributors who a

re most able to interpret the spirit of a project. A horizontal team, all under 35 years old, who share creative enthusiasm, the effort required to produce major projects and moments of leisure.
The search for solutions capable of focusing clients' de

sires produces elements which, beyond their formal aspects, nourish the vitality of those who have desired them. All thanks to a freedom of expression that does not result in creative chaos or formalism, but is characterized by a rational matrix which tak

es into consideration the functional elements of a project.
Based in Barcelona, Lagranja interprets the contemporary nature of this Mediterranean city, where different cultures, both Italian and Spanish, illuminate new horizons.