Laurens van Wieringen

Studio Laurens van Wieringen

’s-Gravesandeplein 1 hs
1091 TD Amsterdam

T: +31 (0)655 886 511

Products by Laurens van Wieringen

After studying 3D-design at The Arnhem Institute for the Arts, Laurens van Wieringen continued his study in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, London for his master degree.

In 2003, he founded his own design studio in Amsterdam and has created products for private clients and producers ever since. Moreover, he finished many interior projects like restaurants, cafe’s, offices and private houses. His attitude towards design encourages startling and refreshing ideas. He is a defiant explorer of shapes and materials by using, inventing or twisting ideas and production methods. Laurens tries to offer a surrounding, atmosphere in which people can feel pleasant, have a laugh or are misguided for a moment and to trigger people to do what they feel like doing the best.

And that’s exactly, what he is doing here at De Vorm; at the moment, he is helping out with the product development and his years of experience as well as his exploring attitude not only match De Vorm perfectly but also contribute greatly to a smooth workflow and new ideas.