Leonardo Volpi


Belongs to a new generation of designers: not only for his age (he was born in 1961), but also for his mentality, his approach which is substantially realistic to the object. This realism derives from his collaboration and tight contact with the factories

- where he started to work very young after having got his degree at the I.S.A. of Cascina. Leonardo grows up professionally next to technicians - getting involved day after day in industrial problems - which are created by the genesis of the transformat

ion from prototype to products of series. He knows what it means to design products for the market and he knows with a lot of humility (which means maturity), to mediate between the autoexpressive deman-dings and commercial ones. He defines himself a natu

ralist because he preferes natural materials. The nature he intends to change in semplicity, in immediate beauty. Even if he is just at the beginning, his curriculum is rich: different collaborations with factories in the furnishing and illumination secto

r. Restructuring and designing of commercial spaces. From 1987 he designs and organizes the industrial production of the products for Edra and Mazzei. He alternates the working as a engineering consultant of furnishing products to his architectural studie