Lippert Studios

Saarbrücker Straße 24
10405 Berlin

T: +49 / 30 / 47 98 39 50

Products by Lippert Studios

Lippert Studios is Berlin design agency under the leadership of Peter Lippert. After studying design in Kiel, Halle and Los Angeles as well as collaboration in international design studios, Peter Lippert founded his own company in 2003. Lippert Studios – an interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers and model builders – develop innovative products from the consumer and investment goods sector for small start-up companies as well as for multinational corporations. Thematic emphases are furniture, fittings and building services as well as sanitary, medical and industrial products. The bureaus known as Sekretäre PS 08 and PS10 received numerous design awards such as the Interior Innovation Award 2013 as well as the Design Deutschland Prize and the German Design Award.

interior innovation award Winner 2012