Lluis Clotet


Products by Lluis Clotet

He was born in Barcelona in 1941. He obtains the title of architect in Superior Technical School for Architecture of Barcelona in 1965. In this school he is Professor for Drawing from 1977 to 1984.

During the 95/96 courses and 96/97 he is professor visitor in Classroom P.F.C. and professor of Projects I and II during the 97/98, 98/99 and 99/00 courses. In 1964 he founds the Studio PER with the architects Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici and Oscar Tusquets.

With this last one he collaborates in multiple projects until 1983. In 1984 he associated with Ignacio Paricio for architectonical production. He is a founding partner of the company "Bd Barcelona design" for which he designs assiduously furnitures and objects. Also "Zanotta", "Alessi", "Driade" commercialize his products.

From his works it is necessary to emphasize the commercial establishment SONOR of Barcelona (Prize FAD 1965), AEROJET EXPRESS de Barcelona (Prize FAD 1972), CASA REGAS AND ITS BELVEDERE in Girona (1972), CASA VITTORIA in the island of Pantelleria (Italy) (1974), CASA ROGNONI in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona (Prize FAD 1978), LA BALSA RESTAURANT in Barcelona (Prize FAD 1979), the project from the Liceo to the SEMINARY (Barcelona) (1981), NAVE SIMÓN in Canovelles, Barcelona, ( FAD Award 1988), BANCO DE ESPAÑA in Girona ( FAD 1989), HOUSES in the Olympic Village of Barcelona (1992), MUNICIPAL SWIMMING POOL in Badalona, Barcelona (1996) (1st. National Award of Brick (1995-1997), NAVE SIMÓN in Olot (Girona) (1997) (Construmat Award 1999 and the NATIONAL Prize OF CULTURAL PATRIMONY 1999, Generalitat de Cataluña), Restoration of the CUPOLA Of the MUSEUM DALÍ in Figueres (Girona) (1998) (Construmat Award 1999), Rehabilitation of the MARKET OF the BOQUERÍA in Barcelona (1998-2001), Adjustment of the DEPOSIT OF WATERS to the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (1992-1999), INFANTILE And PRIMARY CENTER AND THE INSTITUTE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION RODRÍGUEZ-FORNOS (Valencia) (2001-2003), MUNICIPAL DEPENDENCES of the UA-2 of “Vinya d’en Petaca” of Les Roquetes in Sant Pere de Ribes (2001-2004), The Reformation ROOM OF ACTS AND MULTIPURPOSE of the ITEC, Barcelona (2003-2004) ( FAD 2005), CENTER OF SERVICES SOCIOSANITARIOS of the IMAS (Geriatrical) (2002-2005), HOUSES IIN DIAGONAL MAR (Barcelona) (2001-2005), HOUSES IN LES ROQUETES, Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona) (2005-2006).

Of his creation we can also emphasize the designs of industrial objects use: HIALINA SHELVING (1974), BD HOOD EXTRACTOR (1979) and HYPOSTILA Shelving (1980). All of them awarded with the Gold Delta, and in addition the Hialina Shelving with the 25 years Gold Delta.