Lluís Pau


Industrial designer and interior designer. Coordinator of the IDP studio of the MBM group (Martorell-Bohigas-Mackay). Author of a large number of interior design projects for libraries, museums and hospitals, as well as setting up various exhibitions.

His domestic furniture reflects a minimalist and rationalist spirit whose roots go back to the trend starting with Bauhaus.1st Prize in 1981 for the Signing of historical and artistical monuments
Honourable Mention in 1983 of International C

olour of Farb-Design of Stuttgart for the Signing system of Catalunya
Prize Formica in 1984 for the design of the furniture of “Xarxa de Biblioteques de la Generalitat de Catalunya”.
Prize FAD of Ephemeral Spaces in 1990 and Gra

n Premio FAD of Interior Design
Bronze Laus Award in 1994 for the exhibition of Dennis Hopper 1969-1993
Silver Laus Award in 1994 and Prize FAD of ephemere interiors.
Laus Award 1996. Exhibition “Museu d’Art Contemporani de B

arcelona. 1960-1963.”
Medal Santiago Marco of CODDIB in 1999 for the business, academical and editorial career.
Interior Design Prize from the first B.A.C.C. Exhibition “Obres Mestres”. Museu Episcopal de Vic
FAD Award o

f Architecture and Interior Design 2003– Ephemeral Spaces. Exhibition “Gaudí. La recerca de la Forma”