Louise Sigvardt

Products by Louise Sigvardt

Louise Sigvardt is a graduate of the acclaimed Kolding Design School in Denmark where she studied fashion design. Sigvardt cites the application of textiles as the motivation in her career; “I found out that I loved working with textiles, but what fascinates me even more are all the different areas of application.”

Sigvardt’s design process begins with a story, a feeling, place, or a graphic expression. She then evolves and translates these into patterns and colours and, finally, a finished design. Sigvardt focuses on creating designs that; “are based on something recognisable but have details or surprising elements: a uniqueness.”

After working as art director and project manager for Femmes Regionales, a Copenhagen-based creative agency, Sigvardt then returned to working as fashion and accessory designer for brands such as Bruuns Bazaar and Samsøe & Samsøe. In 2012 Sigvardt won the Designer’s Nest award at Copenhagen Fashion Week.