Marie Oscarsson

Products by Marie Oscarsson

Marie Oscarsson is a qualified interior design architect and furniture designer and has taken advanced courses in art and studied wood and wrought-iron handicrafts. She runs her own company called MOM. Designstudio AB. Marie designs interiors and furniture with the intentions of creating environments that make an impression. She takes great care when it comes to selecting colours and shapes and uses materials that promote balance and harmony. It is Marie’s belief that environments must be user-friendly and human-centred with a personal touch. She prefers to work in close collaboration with her customers to come up with the best design for each project. Marie often designs ranges of furniture that can be combined in various ways or create a room within a room, with innovative functionality for the environments of the future. Her design language is often organic with soft lines and exciting fusions of materials, and where handicraft traditions often permeate the construction and manufacturing phases.