Mathilde Bretillot

8 bis rue de la Baume
75008 Paris

T: +33(0) 1 43 59 64 13


“A kind of feminine dandyism, rare, dancing and light.” In the words of design historian Brice d’Antras, Mathilde Bretillot “practises, with the required degree of indispensable rigour, a kind of feminine design dandyism”. In effect, her work plays with the notions of elegance, refinement, detachment and non-conformist aestheticism inherent to dandyism. And yet she feminises the term, adding the roundness of curves and the seduction of “a sparkling glamour, a Parisian verb” peculiar to her alone.

The creator of many singular works, Mathilde Bretillot looks to the contemporary environment, espousing the luxury sphere to bring global responses which are at once lively, sensitive and reasoned. By turns designer, interior architect and scenographer, her work grows out of a sustained dialogue with her sponsors.