Matthew Kavanagh


76 Uplands Road
N8 9NJ London
United Kingdom

T: 020 8342 5285
F: 020 8342 5285

Products by Matthew Kavanagh

Matthew Kavanagh was born in England in 1966.
He studied product design at The South Bank University graduating in 1988. Inspired by the Memphis design movement of the late 70´s/early
80´s Matthew moved to Italy to live and worked f

or Olivetti. That was at a time when personal computers had revolutionised their electronic typewriter market and Memphis designer George Sowden was designing their new hybrid products.
After a year during which time Olivetti patented his designs, M

atthew returned to the UK to start his lighting and product design consultancy.

In 1994 he began working for the first of several companies in the retail sector specialising in design, category management, POP display, interiors, brand communi

cations&consumer psychology.
He also currently works for Astound as a brand consultant, a company specialising in design and brands.