Meike Herde

Studio Meike Harde

Ursulinenstraße 36
66111 Saarbruecken

T: 49 (0) 152 / 08874025


A language of shapes, visually light and constructively smart, works with common materials in new contexts and tries to overcome established forms.

The aim is an industrially fabricable product incorporating handcraft techniques in its production. Sustainability comes from significance and significance from an emotion. The industrial artefact speaks a language that is a manifestation of its conception and fabrication. An emotion can only be bestowed on an object if it radiates the emotion itself.

The work of German designer Meike Harde focuses on several areas. She uses both an experimental-constructive basis and looks to apply an allegoric-conceptual approach in her projects.

She devotes herself to textile materials and applications. Here she tries to re-think common manufacturing technologies and construction rules: she studies the behavior and properties of the particular material in order to apply her conclusions to new possibilities in upholstery, lighting or other furniture construction. Her design vocabulary ranges between reduction and ornamentation and displays a kind of female style which are a contrast to established forms.