Morten Thing



A collapsible bench that can seat several people, is easy to set up, and occupies as little space as possible when stored. That was the task designers Jan Egeberg and Morten Thing were assigned by the well-known Copenhagen art gallery Polka Dot. The de

sign duo met the challenge by creating the Klik Klak bench. Klik Klak has won praise for its "quiet" design and impressive functionality - the bench neither disturbs the eye nor takes up space in the room.

Egeberg and Thing both comp

leted their studies in industrial design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. It is clear from their work that both designers are of the same school. And indeed, Egeberg and Thing agree that the functional aspects of a work should never be ov

ershadowed by attempts to produce sensational design. Both designers subscribe to the idea that a work's form is often a product of its function.

Egeberg and Thing's concern with functionality is reflected in their diverse design productions, e

ach of which performs its special function impressively. Both designers work with a wide variety of product types - ranging all the way from furniture to measuring devices used in the medical industry. As a team and individually, Jan Egeberg and Morten Th

ing have won countless Danish and international design awards, and both have works on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.