Morten Voss


Products by Morten Voss

As opposed to most of his colleagues, Morten Voss has avoided the recognized design CV. Voss blazes his own trail - not just to be different, but because it has never given him the right feeling just to follow the crowd. Morten's career does includ

e several years of business and engineering studies but Morten has also spent years on a surfboard in the North Sea, at the boxing club or on inspirational journeys abroad. When he returned to Denmark he started to work for a Danish Design studio a few y

ears before setting up his own company VossCo Living in 1994. This lead to his break-through - the raw coffee table FlightDeck.

Voss works mainly with the design of objects and furniture, but he is also involved in developing and designing majo

r housing projects in Copenhagen.

Today, Morten Voss stands out as one of the finest exponents of the new generation of Danish design talents who dare to go their own way. And because of his autodidactic background he does not feel bound by tra


Voss’ ambition is to create design that both challenges and moves our traditional borders and at the same time appeals to our sense of humour and imagination – this is clearly apparent in the new series Attitude, which consi

sts of a lounge chair and table.

Compromise is not an option to Morten Voss but bending the rules is a natural part of his design approach.