Numen / For Use

Canisiusgasse 13
1090 Wien

Products by Numen / For Use

Numen/For Use is an internationally acclaimed design collective led by product designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković. For the past 20 years the group has been active globally in the fields of industrial and spatial design, scenography and conceptual art. Numen’s distinctive experimental vigor and interdisciplinary approach is reflected in the variety of objects and spaces they design for Prostoria. Their visual language is consciously reduced and implicit, and their concepts are strongly based in form and formal expression, while grounded in respect for local modernist heritage and its wide societal impact. Their designs for Prostoria include Polygon, Oblique and Trifidae easy chairs, Oblikant, Bik, Dobra and Osmo chairs, and Revolve, Layout, Absent, Segment, Combine and Fade sofas.