Nurus Design Lab


Products by Nurus Design Lab

Nurus Design Lab (Nurus D Lab) is managed by Renan Gökyay, Nurus Group’s Executive Vice President and a regular lecturer at Middle East Technical University, Industrial Design Department.

From determining the design strategy of the brand to launching the product, Nurus D Lab manages all phases of the brand. Working in harmony and cooperation with other designers as well during the product development phase, the starting point for Nurus D Lab is the needs of the user and functionality.

Nurus D Lab closely follows scientific and technological developments to always be up to date and designs products that are beyond the times, because it observes user needs and listens to the dreams of the users. Nurus Design Team works with care, attention and devotion in order to create the products that will best answer the need that initiates the design. Every small idea is taken into consideration and discussed by the Nurus Design Team, which is made up of creative and talented individuals. Each and every detail of the designed product undergoes advanced examination and testing.

Human Engineering, as well as computerized design technologies and artistic approaches are the three main points of Nurus D Lab’s very detailed and meticulous work. The final product that is offered to the users is always the best one among many bright ideas. Thus, Nurus D Lab manufactures extremely functional, ergonomic and esthetic products.